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Pitago Restaurant

Come and discover the flavours of Vietnam at Pitago. Enjoy tasty Vietnamese noodles perfected from years of family heritage, as well as traditional dishes including crispy spring rolls, mouth-watering and tender wagyu beef plates. 

When you step inside Pitago you'll be transported back to ancient Vietnam. A place where you can relax, eat great food, enjoy good company and shop the general store. All amongst a nostalgic atmosphere of music and laughter. 

We welcome you for a modern Vietnamese dining experience. Our Vietnamese restaurant, bar and general store is located in Bankstown, Sydney.


Live Jazz Music
Every Saturday at 6.30 PM

Pitago Restaurant
292 Chapel Rd, Bankstown

Can't dine in?

Craving some Vietnamese takeaway in Sydney? Want it delivered to your door? 

Find us on Uber Eats. Delicious Vietnamese is only a few clicks away!


‘Beautiful flavours and complementary textures’.

PITAGO - Vietnamese Restaurant

Serving up exquisite Vietnamese cuisine for all of Sydney.


Enjoy Our Live Jazz Music

Live Jazz Music

Pitago Restaurant
292 Chapel Rd, Bankstown

They All Love Our Food

Hear what our happy customers had to say about their Vietnamese food from Pitago

The restaurant is located in Bankstown. Normally, you have to travel into the city or up north to experience this kind of dinning experience so it is a plus. The food was Vietnamese authentic and taste great. The decor remind us of the old Vietnam. Highly recommend for a group of friend or couple having great authentic Viet food over a bottle of French wine to rekindle the good old days.
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- Trang Dylan Tran

A beautiful hidden gem amongst the hustle and bustle of Bankstown. I honestly felt like I was visiting a friend’s home and not a restaurant. We were looked after by Mimi, the beautiful owner. Her pride and love for her little restaurant came through in the food. Every dish was a delight, and the beer & wine list was thoughtful and personal. Definitely worth a visit. We’ll definitely be back to try the rest of the menu and can’t wait for the Live music.
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- Mary Connor
Today my sister & I had the pleasure of checking out this new restaurant. We intended mostly to inspect the menu for future food adventures but began speaking to the very lovely owner thereby entering into a very passionate conversation about Vietnamese cuisine.

I am well familiar with Vietnamese food and grew up eating it at home, as well as having the chance to sample it across Vietnam whenever I've travelled there. One thing I can say is that the vision of this restaurant amalgamates a traditional lens with a very playful touch into fusion and other cuisines such as Italian food. In our short stay, we tried both the Coconut Vietnamese iced coffee which was an absolute delight, as well a godly garlic bread smothered with fresh herbs and garlic on a delightful French baguette.

This new restaurant has a relaxed but beautiful ambiance within a slightly eclectic but very well styled place. Think romance and charm. Though my trialling has been limited, from the way the owner described her pho ga, I would place my bets that the rest of the menu is as good as the two dishes I did try.
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- Catherine Mai